We hit the ground running...

We hit the ground running...

Xio and I got sucked into the world of TikTok live shopping which ultimately led us here. With no followers and no product, we decided to start our own online company selling pre-owned luxury bags. What could go wrong?

The formalities were easy; getting our business license, FBN, EIN, etc. Getting the bags was a little harder. It took bidding on about 30 items before we finally won anything. The hardest part by far has been getting followers. Turns out you actually have to commit to making content regularly to accomplish the goal of obtaining 1,000 followers needed to go live. 

We both cringe at the idea of being on camera, Xio more than I so I bit the bullet first. So far the water's fine but I still dread recording myself. We are at 20% of our follower goal right now and we launch our website in just a few days on July 1st. I can't wait to be able to do a live tour of our little studio, product unboxings and just Q&A and general chit chat with our followers. I feel like going live will be a lot more comfortable for me as well since I'll have people hopefully interacting and letting me know what they're interested in. Maybe then I can convince Xio to come out from behind the scenes.

Anyway, we hope you'll join us on this journey and see where we go from here!

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